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We have one goal: to provide the highest quality cardiac SPECT and PET reporting software at a fair price to nuclear cardiologists. Nucware.com, LLC was created in 2009 to develop and market Nucware, a suite of programs and services designed to achieve this goal.

Our philosophy is that by providing ongoing value to our clients at reasonable rates, the interests of all parties are served.

We don't seek to extract astronomical up-front fees for our software (or for "training"), and we don't require any long-term payment contracts.

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When we introduced Nucware, our $0 up-front, usage-based pricing option was unique among providers of nuclear cardiology reporting software.

High-Quality Reporting -- akin to "Automated Transcription"

Nucware's consistent and uniform reporting format is time-tested. Referring physicians receive clear and complete reports describing all of the pertinent study data which was recorded in the program, with a level of detail and terminology appropriate for both referring cardiologists and other physicians.

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Our innovative solution helps you to produce dictation-quality reports while bypassing expensive medical transcription, hard-to-use voice-recognition, and cumbersome phrase-choosing software.

Nucware was designed from scratch and in concert with real-world client feedback to have an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, allowing your clerical assistant or nuclear technician to do the data entry, saving you time and money, and enhancing patient care with built-in support for patient outcomes tracking and research.

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Contact sales@nucware.com or call us toll-free at (855)-NUCWARE to get started.

Picture of Nucware exhibit at the 16th Annual
Scientific Session of ASNC (September, 2011)

Exhibiting Nucware® at the 16th Annual Scientific Session of ASNC (September, 2011), Booth 923.