Privacy Policy for

Scope and Definitions

This Privacy Policy describes the behavior and policy of the domain as it pertains to web browsing visitors ("You").

"" means the "" domain name and any subdomains (for example, "").

"We"/"Us" means the limited liability company known as ", LLC" and its authorized agents and/or representatives.

Collection of Information

We receive and retain certain information about visitors to

This information includes:

  1. Non-personally-identifying information (such as information about your Internet Service Provider, your computer's Operating System, and your Web Browser);

  2. Information which in some cases can be considered personally-identifying (such as the IP address associated with your Internet connection and/or computer); and

  3. Information which is usually personally-identifying (such as your username, if any).

Additionally-received information includes the name/address of the "referring page" (if your Web Browser is configured to transmit referrer information), the name/address of the page you are visiting, and any "query parameters" included in your browser's web requests to Also potentially included with every request are "cookies" associated with

This information is submitted by your Web Browser with every request it makes to (or is produced as a result of such requests), and this information may or may not be retained by us.

Use of Information

We may use the information that we collect in the following ways:

  1. To provide you with service (for example, to respond appropriately to your Web Browser's requests).

  2. To perform maintenance and system administration (for example, diagnosing errors or other issues).

  3. To analyze or predict trends, and/or to perform research and development (for example, optimizing the organization of site pages, or preparing marketing materials).

We will never use any collected personally-identifying information for marketing purposes.


Only agents and/or authorized representatives of, LLC will have access to the information we collect. Our agents and authorized representatives will abide by this Privacy Policy.

We will not disclose any of the information we directly collect to any third party, except as may be required by law and/or court order.

Cookies and Tracking Technology

We may send to your Web Browser one or more "cookies", which are standard pieces of information exchanged between Web Browsers and Web Servers, and which may be retained persistently between browsing sessions.

Cookies which we directly send to your browser will only be associated with, and will only be used in order to provide you with appropriate services (for example, to provide you with cookie-based "sessions").

We will never directly send or use any cookies or other tracking technology other than for the purpose of providing you with service. In other words, we will not send or use any cookies or other tracking technology for the purpose of tracking you outside of, or for marketing.

We do not use "web beacons", "flash cookies", or any other non-standard tracking technology.

Third-party Collection of Information

We use Google Analytics on many pages of

Google Analytics is a third-party tracking and analytics service which provides web sites with non-personally-identifying information about activities involving site visitors (for example, pages visited, length of visit, and aggregated search terms used to find the site).

Google Analytics may send and use its own cookies and/or other tracking technology for We will not directly use, track, or analyze such information other than as may be necessary to provide service or diagnose errors. In other words, we will only use the official interface(s) provided by Google Analytics for the analysis of any tracking performed by Google Analytics.

We will not track or collect personal information using Google Analytics or attempt to associate personal information with web analytics information.

Click here for more information about Privacy and Google Analytics.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, which we may do without providing any notice to you.

This Privacy Policy was last changed on 2011-12-23.


Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy.