Nuclear Cardiologists save time and money using Nucware®

Create dictation-quality reports for nuclear cardiology using our advanced data-driven software. HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

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    Intuitive User Interface

    Designed to be used by medical assistants, nuclear technicians, and nuclear cardiologists alike, Nucware's point & click user interface speeds the entry of key data points for every cardiac PET and SPECT nuclear study.

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    Efficient Worksheets

    Included PDF worksheets help you maximize efficiency and minimize required physician time per issued report.

    Just hand your completed worksheets to your medical assistant, who can follow along in the program and quickly generate a pending report for your review.

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    Dictation-quality Output

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Our flagship product is a research-ready tool for the automatic generation of medical reports for cardiac SPECT and PET nuclear cardiology studies. Designed to efficiently produce reports which meet or exceed all ICANL requirements and ASNC reporting guidelines, Nucware produces ready-to-issue, Microsoft Word-compatible reports including your own PIN-protected signature image and electronic letterhead.

Nucware includes patient outcomes tracking and data export facilities, allowing you to easily perform analyses of your patient population, including prospective outcomes research. Also included are easy-to-use PDF worksheets designed in concert with the program, supporting an efficient and reliable "check-the-box" paper-based workflow.

Say goodbye to time-consuming dictation and clunky phrase-choosing software, and save time and money while enhancing patient care by using our intuitive, affordable, and data-driven reporting software for nuclear cardiology!

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Nucware Sample Output

The following fictitious sample studies contain actual output exactly as automatically generated by Nucware using advanced data-driven algorithms.

Each sample includes a report generated by Nucware as well as the corresponding worksheets showing all of the data points entered into the program. No data beyond what is shown on the worksheets was entered into the program or manually typed.

All of the text in these reports was automatically generated by Nucware:

  1. Exercise Myocardial Perfusion Study
  2. Intravenous Adenosine Myocardial Perfusion Study
  3. Intravenous Regadenoson Myocardial Perfusion Study
  4. Intravenous Dobutamine Myocardial Perfusion Study
  5. Intravenous Dipyridamole Myocardial Perfusion Study

This time-tested reporting format has been developed and used over the past 20 years by a leading nuclear cardiologist, and has been used for over 50,000 reports issued to more than 20 cardiology practices and 60 cardiologists. Multiple cardiology labs issuing reports in this format have been ICANL-accredited.

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Ongoing software maintenance is included (updates, bugfixes, and upgrades), as well as product support via e-mail. Contact us for more information.

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